Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid

'one step towards a better tomorrow'

What are they and what can they do ?
Both fulvic and humic acids are the main active ingredients of humates that are the end product of decayed matter; the building blocks of life. They are only found in a few areas of the world that has produced the required conditions for their existence. Found in deposits known as Leonardite after the person who discovered them.

When applied to crops or the soil in their various forms they act in a number of important ways to improve soil fertility and crop nutrient uptake.

  • Increases water holding capacity of soil.
  • Break down clay soils to become more workable.
  • Holds applied water soluble nutrients until the crop needs them.
  • Reduces nutrient wastage and leaching.
  • Stimulates germination and plant vigour.
  • Reduces need for applied fertilisers.
  • Enables plants to use soil nutrient reserves.
  • Increases soil aeration.
  • In hydroponics will reduce unused nutrient wastage.
  • Will increase effectiveness with foliar applied nutrients.
  • Improves drainage.
  • Increased protein and trace element content of plants.
  • Feed micro-organisms in soil.
  • Increased all round health of crops.
  • Increases nutrient holding capacity (CEC) of sandy and poor soils.
  • Reduces nutrient lock up in soils.
  • Helps remove undesirable chemical pollution from soil.
  • Increases available nitrogen from soil reserves.
  • Helps to balance pH of soil.

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