'Happy Horse'

Bespoke Horse & Pony paddock fertiliser

Formulated to suit your soil requirements

Make your horse a 'Happy Horse' by using 'Happy Horse'

horse & pony paddock fertiliser.

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'One step to a better tomorrow'

Specially formulated horse and pony paddock fertiliser in 25, 600 or 1000kg bags.

Soils vary enormously making an "ideal" horse and pony fertiliser impossible to produce. We tailor make our Happy Horse to suit your soil and your horses and ponies needs.

Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.


"Your horse is what it eats"

Your grass contains what is in your soil. Your soil contains many things, but it is often short of some vital elements that your horse needs. Your soil also contains what you put on it. If you put fertiliser containing many elements on your soil then your grass will also contain these elements. These same elements will then feed your horse with more of what it needs.


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