Special Blends and Straights

NPK special blends are formulated to save time when multiple products are required with less commonly used ingredients. And for soil corrective treatments following cation exchange type soil analysis or just for convenience. Often three of more applications are made with straight fertilisers costing many times the small extra cost of technical blends. When sulphates are required for soil corrective treatment it is better to apply all nutrients together so that they can interact in the soil at the same time.

With the cost of applying fertilisers at around £3 per acre an application of two straights applied at 50kilos per acre costs £60 per tonne!!!

The list below shows just some of the grades we have supplied in the past few years from the endless number of formulations available.
11-0-11-6.5MgO+54So3 12-0-12-6.4MgO+45So3
21-0-0-5.3MgO+39So3 28-0-0-90So3
13-0-13-6.5MgO+40So3 16.3-0-0-6.3MgO+57.3So3
17.5-0-0-4.5MgO+20So3 14-0-28+20So3
0-16-20.9-7.6+13So3 0-15.5-20.1-7.4+21.8So3
5-0-13-15+41So3 6-4-11-14+38So3
0-14-22-7+21So3 12-15-22+15So3
14-14-14+30So3 15-6-15+38So3
7-0-0-18.6MgO+52So3 0-0-26+16MgO+27So3
11-0-12-8MgO+44So3 14-0-12-4MgO+46So3
12-12-9-6MgO+35So3 15-11-0-6MgO+45So3

We can design a blend for your specific requirements - all we need to know is the amount of each element per acre or hectare.

Typical ingredients are:
Ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, Urea, MAP, DAP, sulphate of potash, keiserite, MOP, elemental sulphur, sylvinite, etc

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